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The book content below is available in paperback & printable downloads at a low donation price. The latest edition has been revised beyond this online first edition.

Breaking Curses, Including Breaking Generational Curses (book by Eric Gondwe)

Part 3 of Chapter 10: The secular academic world on generational issues (genetics)

Even the secular world values the subject of genealogy and genes that it has comprehensive academic study fields: genomics, genetics, genealogy, bioinformatics, genetic engineering  and eugenics, among others. These fields can be broadly called generational research fields.

Here is a definition of genomics: “the study of genes and their function. Recent advances in genomics are bringing about a revolution in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease, including the complex interplay of genetic and environmental factors. Genomics is also stimulating the discovery of breakthrough healthcare products by revealing thousands of new biological targets for the development of drugs, and by giving scientists innovative ways to design new drugs, vaccines and DNA diagnostics. Genomics-based therapeutics include 'traditional' small chemical drugs, protein drugs, and potentially gene therapy,” Food Standards Agency in UK (FSA).

FSA is the equivalent of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA. Other countries have various names for such government departments.

Genomics, genetics, genealogy, bioinformatics and so on can be deemed to have largely pure motives in their academic pursuits. It’s the opposite with eugenics.

Wikipedia puts it very well on defining eugenics: “Eugenics is a social philosophy (sometimes labeled a "science", a "movement", or a "pseudoscience") which advocates to improve human hereditary qualities. Proposed means of doing so have included but are not limited to selective breeding, encouragement and discouragement of certain types of reproductive practices, genetic engineering, and, historically, extermination of the designated ‘unfit,’” (

So in eugenics human beings decide to play God by choosing which hereditary physical and mental characteristics they want and eliminating those they don’t. What are their motives? “To create healthier, more intelligent people, to save society's resources, and lessen human suffering,” ( What?!?!

And their motives don’t end there! Eugenics was started in 1883 by British scientist Francis Galton and was last century popularized by Hitler and his Nazis. The Nazis embraced eugenics to discourage procreation (breeding, having children) by members who they considered were “unfit” to live in society, either physically, mentally or socially. This includes the racial makeup, thus the ethnic cleansing of the Jews by the Nazis.

Unfortunately eugenics did not end with the Nazis’ downfall. Somehow in the USA the idea of selective genetic breeding sounded impressive in political circles. Here’s an excerpt from an August 6, 2007 Time magazine article:

“Inspired by eugenics, a number of U.S. states passed laws in the early 20th century allowing those presumed to have bad genes to be sterilized by government order. In 1927 the case of Carrie Buck, a young woman in a Virginia home for the feebleminded, reached the Supreme Court. Writing for an 8-1 decision, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. said society could "prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind ... Three generations of imbeciles are enough." (Buck's mother and daughter allegedly shared her disability.)

“The Catholic Church condemned sterilization laws in 1930, but the political process backed science, as it was then understood. The mass murder of "unfit" individuals and ethnic groups by the Nazis gave eugenics a black mark that can never be washed off. But the issue marches on; in 2004 a eugenics supporter won the Republican congressional nomination in Tennessee's Eighth District (the GOP disavowed him),” Time magazine, August 6, 2007.

Thanks be to God that eugenics is an underground movement today, largely due to public outrage. Other less shocking forms of eugenics however still exist. For instance sperm banks are a product of a need among some for desirable characteristics in children and others a need to have a child (initially not being able to have children).

A sperm bank is an organization that collects and stores sperm for artificial insemination. Individuals or couples can store their own sperm for later use, or can get sperm from donors.

The most interesting topic on those that seek sperm from “donors” is the selectivity of the “donor.” It is “donor” in quotes because the person is actually paid these days – usually university students. A lot of information is sought on desirable characteristics of a donor before making a choice.

For instance intelligence is among the key factors. A top university donor may be preferred to one from a less known one. The Harvard Crimson (a Harvard University newspaper) has an interesting article at:

A recent development is “egg banks” were eggs by women are frozen for later use (e.g. after menopause) or are “donated” for others to buy – normally among those unable to have children. The selectivity of desirable characteristics of a donor is the same as in sperm banks.

Is eugenics even at its innocent level as predictable as those that practice it want to? The answer is no. This is partly because there is a vast combination of genes in play – the immediate parents of the child (the egg and sperm sources), the grand parents from each side, etc.

In addition the environmental conditions the child’s parents grew up in have a role – their diets, life style (exercise level, level of education, socialization, etc), careers, life experiences, level of exposure to toxins, to pesticides, to pollution (water, air and land), etc. Most importantly it’s also because it is God who has the final say on our makeup. Here’s a funny story to illustrate this scenario of uncertainty.

An exceptionally intelligent man met this extremely beautiful woman. However they each had their negative areas. The man was super ugly while the woman was super dull (unintelligent). They both liked their tradeoffs and became good friends.

The stunning beauty once told the genius, “If we get married and have children they would be good looking like me and smart like you.”

He responded: “What if it’s the other way round - they come out as ugly as me and at the same time as dull as you? What would you do if they came out with our negative sides instead?”

Generational Matters (Genetics) are therefore not as clear-cut as some in genetics would claim. Even in church circles some easily jump of ascribing certain matters as generational issues without a clue of the complexity of genetics. This tells us that there are many out there in the secular world and in the body of Christ marketing their ignorance on a matter that is more complex than their gut feelings. This marketing of ignorance is worse in the body of Christ, particularly in circles where the topic on generational curses receives the most attention.

On the complexity of genetics Seed Magazine, in January 2008, published remarkable findings that shaking the field of genetics:

“For nearly 50 years, the central dogma of biology has been that genetic information is contained within DNA and is passed by rote transcription through RNA to make proteins. Tiny changes in the information content of the underlying DNA are what then drive evolution. But this information may not be the sole determinant of biological identity. Indeed, it's becoming clear that we do not even know what 'genetic information' means any more—certainly it's not a simple, linear sequence of biochemical 'characters' that define a gene.

“Even evolution might not be driven solely by the appearance of random mutations in DNA that are inherited by subsequent generations, essentially as Darwin supposed. The central dogma is being eroded, and it now appears as if DNA's cousin, the humble intermediary RNA, plays at least an equal role in genetics and the evolution of the species…

“…The old genetic picture seemed so beautifully simple—indeed, probably too beautiful to be true. It began with the identification by the Austro-Hungarian monk Gregor Mendel of discrete, particle-like units that are responsible for the inheritance of traits from one generation to the next. In Mendel's scheme, you either picked up a trait from one parent or you didn't; there was no blending or averaging from both parents. These units became known as genes, and were found to reside on the chromosomes.

“In 1944 Oswald Avery and his coworkers found that genes are made of DNA. Nine years later (James) Watson and (Francis) Crick discovered that genes encode information as a sequence of the four different chemical building blocks of DNA, strung along the double strands like beads. From this the central dogma was born.

“But we’ve slowly learned that genetics is not so simple. For one thing, decoding the human genome—the sum total genetic material in the chromosomes—showed that most (98 percent) of our DNA doesn't consist of protein-encoding genes at all. Some of this non-coding DNA comprises regulatory sequences, to which proteins or RNA bind to control gene transcription, ultimately determining which RNA and proteins are produced. Most is a complete mystery,” (Seed Magazine, “Redefining Genes,” by Philip Ball, Jan. 14 2008).

The subject on generational issues thus ought to be approached with a lot of humility. Even the bible says we’re not to be so preoccupied with it. In its preoccupation many Christians have brought a lot of false teachings on genetics.

“Command certain men not to teach false doctrines any longer nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies,” 1 Timothy 1:3-4.

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Chapter 10. Breaking Generational Curses: God’s Traditional & Non-Traditional Ways:
Part 1. What are generational curses?
            Who's the source of generational curses, i.e. who causes generational curses?
Part 2. Who merits generational curses, i.e. who deserves generational curses?
Part 3. The secular academic world on generational issues (genetics)
Part 4. The importance of understanding generational issues (genetics)
Part 5. God’s deliverance: God’s traditional & his non-traditional ways
Part 6. Dead to sin: no room for sinful generational characteristics
Part 7. Having the truth to overcome Satan’s lies on generational issues
Part 8. Nature (genetics) Vs nurture (environment), and the Christian

Breaking Curses, Including Breaking Generational Curses (book by Eric Gondwe)
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